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for Windows by Pete Batard


Rufus (the Reliable Windows USB Formatting Utility) is an open source and free portable application for Microsoft Windows that is used to create and format bootable USB media or Live USBs. It allows the user to create a bootable drive on any computer using the USB data recovery tool and does this within minutes, making it highly effective and reliable for data recovery. The software is easy to use and can be downloaded and installed on most computers. The software enables you to recover your files even if your computer has crashed. Many users have reported their data recovered using Rufus in just a few minutes. Some users even claim to have recovered entire hard drives and operating systems after having tried Rufus.

The main features of Rufus that makes it unique and effective are its ability to perform multiple formats with a single application, its ability to run in both Vista and XP as well as its ability to be used on a variety of different PCs including Macs. The applications also support multiple drives including NAS, flash drive, external hard drive and even a USB flash drive. It can also be used on Macs and also has support for creating bootable backup drives. It is designed for both Windows and Mac and can be updated to add more options and features. Many users of this application claim that their data has been recovered using Rufus even when the computer has failed.

To download Rufus from the official website, click the link below to get your free download. It is recommended that you read some of the reviews on the site before downloading Rufus so you can see how effective it really is.

by Pete Batard
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